Vision & Mission

An overview of GCU’s ethos and values.


“Rooted in the legacy of the old Government College Umuahia, the modern GCU offers an internationally minded educational programme driven by a well-informed, highly educated and experienced leadership which has the capacity to improve and develop students so that they have an enquiring mind, a stable character, and the focus and determination to achieve national and international excellence.”


To educate young men with ethical values, self-respect, respect for others and a desire to serve their country and the world. 98% of our students successfully graduate and begin their career development.

The School Crest & Motto

GCU’s motto, “In Unum Luceant” – “may we shine as one” is an invocation that reflects GCU’s hope for its students. 

The flames depict the illumination that the knowledge gained at GCU provides, while the black and white colour of the torches and their connection at the base depict unity – a society where people, regardless of differences, whether of creed or race, can come together to excel, and shine as one.

GCU’s vision and mission supports the education of a new generation of students, who will become part of Africa’s growth in the 21st century.


Creativity and innovation to challenge the status quo will affect what and how we teach and our intellectual ambitions.


Social engagement should orient students’ academic experiences to help them become critically engaged citizens, dedicated to solving problems.


GCU’s commitment to student success, creative activities, and public service sets it apart from other colleges.

The School Anthem

The Will to Shine as One

We lift our voice to thee, O Lord
To Thee we sing with one accord
To grant us through Thy Son Adored
The will to shine as one.

From Morning till the approach of Night
With humble minds, with all our might
We seek this gift which is Thy Light
The will to shine as one.

As all of us, or black or white
Beseech Thee now us to unite
That all may seek this gift, thy Light
The will to shine as one.

We beg thee now to show the way
That all of us may kneel and pray
And seek and keep from day to day
The will to shine as one.

(By Edward Chukwukere ’47)