Welcome to GCU.

GCU is a world-class institution providing a global secondary school education for boys.

Started in 1929 by Rev. Robert Fisher, GCU was established by the colonial government and subsequently managed by a succession of regional and state governments till 2014, when the Abia State government ceded the management of the school to the Fisher Educational Development Trust (the “Fisher Trust”), a public private trust. The Fisher Trust is a registered trust set up by the GCU Old Boys Association to take over and manage GCU. GCU is now an independent school owned and operated as a social enterprise by the Fisher Trust.

In 2019, the last set of students admitted by the Abia State government graduated. The school was closed for a couple of years to allow the Fisher Trust to rebuild the school. The rebuilding is complete. Our doors are open, ready to welcome and nurture brilliant young boys from around Africa.

GCU is focused on the future even as it continues to preserve its long and distinguished heritage of all-round excellence. GCU is poised to serve as a catalyst, providing a new generation of boys with the best secondary education in Nigeria, a supportive network of friends across different generations and geographies, as well as the hard and soft skills they need to navigate the future. 

GCU has one of Nigeria’s largest secondary school campuses. At almost 90 hectares, our sprawling grounds mean we have enough room for our boys to learn and play. Everyone at GCU is committed to providing a safe and happy environment where all our boys, regardless of individual strengths and aptitudes, will have the opportunity to thrive.


We believe that a holistic secondary education like that offered at GCU is a springboard for excelling in life. We aim to provide young boys across Africa with access to the kind of education that sets them up for success. 

GCU’s global network of distinguished and committed alumni, outstanding faculty and world-class boarding facilities make GCU a compelling choice.

The GCU Experience

GCU’s motto, “In Unum Luceant” – “may we shine as one” is an invocation that reflects GCU’s hope for its students. Education at GCU is focused on providing each boy with the resources and support he needs to thrive. GCU offers a robust and expansive international secondary education. Starting from Rev. Fisher, our pioneer principal, GCU has had a legacy of dedicated principals and teachers committed to teaching and mentoring the boys under their care.
Old Students are transformational leaders and nation builders

Recorded wins in sports, art and music


Alumni invested in GCU’s growth & sustainability

State of the Art Facilities

GCU’s best-in-class facilities

Science Laboratory
Computer Room
Home Economics Lab
Music Studio
Art Studio


GCU’s expansive campus provide a serene atmosphere for living and learning.



Since its founding in 1929, GCU has provided an elite education to thousands of boys from Nigeria and Southern Cameroons. For the old boys, coming to GCU was the opportunity of a lifetime. The education received at GCU was instrumental to their success. Our old boys are pacesetters in different fields – from the arts, economics, sciences, education, and politics to the military. From the inception of the Nigerian National Order of Merit (NNOM), Nigeria’s highest honour for intellectual and artistic achievement in 1979 when Chinua Achebe was among the first set of recipients, several GCU old boys have gone on to receive the award for excellence in different fields. GCU may possibly be the secondary school with the highest number of recipients.




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