Our Leadership

Committed to providing excellent education for all our students

Meet Our Acting Principal

Mr. Ndubuisi Charles Anumokwu.

Mr. Anumokwu is a distinguished educator with a track record of excellence spanning over two decades.

Prior to joining GCU, Mr. Anumokwu taught mathematics and chemistry in several international secondary schools including Olashore International School, Greensprings School, Children’s International School, Funtaj International School, Springhall British Secondary School, and One Planet School, Dodoma, Tanzania. 

Mr. Anumokwu is experienced in the teaching of the British and Nigerian curriculum and has prepared students who have produced excellent results in local and international school certificate examinations, as well as mathematics competitions including the Mathematics Olympiad.

In addition to teaching, Mr. Anumokwu has significant experience in managing students and school administration.

He has organized quizzes, public speaking competitions, coached table tennis, served as a boarding house supervisor, head of department and assistant head of secondary school. He understands the nuances of engaging children in secondary school, the dynamics of providing a sound boarding education and is skilled at deploying data to drive intervention and improvement strategies for both students and staff. 

A graduate of Industrial Chemistry from the University of Benin, Mr. Anumokwu has participated in several professional development programmes. He is a member of the Association of International Schools of Africa and an Award Leader for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.  

Mr. Anumokwu is passionate about helping students discover and maximize their potential.

Leadership Team

Mr. Ndubuisi Charles Anumokwu

Acting Principal/VP Academics

Mrs. Ratsonel Adasen

Head of Admissions & Marketing

Mrs. Adora Ojo

Executive Consultant

Mr. Israel Adeosun

School Bursar

Outstanding Faculty

We recognise that the quality of the faculty is a key requirement in achieving academic excellence.

Our old boys excelled in large part due to the committed teachers they had. GCU teachers have been chosen not only for their qualifications and experience but also for their commitment.

Our teachers have the enthusiasm to engage and nurture young boys and the skills to develop them into confident, well-rounded young men.

Our commitment to maintaining teaching quality has led us to institute a robust teacher evaluation system while teaching skills will be regularly refined through regular refresher courses.