Extra-Curricula Activities​

At almost ninety hectares, GCU has enough room to learn and play.

As we move into the twenty-first century, the skills acquired through sports, music, art, and other co-curricular activities have become increasingly valuable. We want our boys to have the opportunity to explore and develop any co-curricular activities they may be interested in.


Sports has been central to life at GCU since its founding. At the new GCU, we recognise the positive impact of exercise on physical and mental health and are continuing the GCU legacy of nurturing excellent sportsmen. In our view, sport is an excellent vehicle for education outside the classroom. Sports allow our students to learn team dynamics, develop resilience, courage, and social skills. 

We have a football field, athletics tracks, table tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts while plans are underway to set up hockey and cricket pitches. 

We encourage all our boys to participate in at least five sports. Our coaches are eager to welcome and nurture budding talents… At almost ninety hectares, GCU has sufficient grounds for sports and exercise.


In 1934, Rev. Robert Fisher started a common athletics competition for all schools in Eastern Nigeria, later known as Fisher Shield. GCU continues to provide the platform for students to hone great athletic skills and set amazing records. 

A few notable feats recorded in GCU’s history would be Peter Ezigbo, who set the Nigerian School Boys record in 880 yards in 1958, and Eugene Ekong, who set the Nigerian School Boys record in 120 Yards Hurdles in 1962.


Football, being the most popular sport in the world, is widely acknowledged as foundational to the boys at GCU.  In 1934, GCU hosted a football competition for the 6 neighboring schools, which was later known as the Fisher Cup competition.

GCU also won the Independence Hockey Cup (Captained by J.K. Nwude) and also the Football Cup in 1960. A few years later, Jerry Enyeazu, a GCU Old boy, founded Rangers International Football Club at Enugu.


In addition to learning music as an academic course, boys who have an interest in or aptitude for music will be encouraged to join the school choir and orchestra.

Our school choir will provide performances in and outside GCU and compete in choral competitions within and outside Africa.

Debate Club

The ability to synthesize information and present it persuasively is required in most fields. 

The debate club provides an excellent opportunity to learn critical thinking, public speaking, and the art of persuasion – soft skills that are relevant regardless of a student’s chosen career path.

Drama Club

GCU’s drama club will provide an opportunity for interested students to learn about theatre, hone their skills and perform for their peers and the school community.

The drama club will also unearth and nurture talents such as set construction, costume design and performing other backstage roles, talents that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Participating in a drama club is one of the pathways for developing poise and confidence in young people.