Vice Principal Academics

Role overview:

School Administrators are capable planners, possess good judgment, and are skilled in handling relations with various people (staff, parents, students, regulatory bodies and the public). A great School Administrator also has attention to detail and conflict management skills.


Reporting to: Principal and with Senior Leadership Team (SLT), all relevant teaching and non-teaching support staff, and external agencies, parents, careers and governors.


Main responsibilities:

The post holder would be expected to:

  1. To manage all financial and administrative aspects of the school
  2. Provide strategic leadership and operational management to ensure income and expenses are adhered to, managing budgets, policies and events.
  3. Provide well-informed advice regarding national developments to the Principal and SMT.
  4. Promote, establish and monitor systems of Quality Assurance for Finance and Administration to ensure high expectations are set and met and best practice observed and implemented.
  5. Resolving conflicts or other issues as they occur.
  6. To ensure fiduciary compliance with the relevant internal and external bodies.
  7. Lead the Finance and Administration Team across the institution.
  8. Manage budgets, logistics and events or meetings
  9. Handle scheduling, record-keeping and reporting
  10. Ensure the school complies with relevant laws and regulations
  11. Hire, train and advise staff
  12. Counsel students when needed
  13. Communicate with parents, regulatory bodies and the public
  14. Have a hand in the creation of the school curriculum
  15. Implement actions that improve the school and the quality of education
  16. Help shape and uphold the vision of the school


How to apply

Please submit your CV to or or fill the form below.