Chief Financial Officer

Role Overview:

To be responsible for the General Management and Administration of the day to day financial, personnel management and advising on general financial policy within Government College Umuahia. The CFO will normally be responsible to the governing body for the conduct of the financial affairs, business management and material state of the premises and to the head of the school for day-to-day administration.


Main responsibilities:

The post holder would be expected to:

  1. Preparing annual estimates of income and expenditure to include the preparation of departmental budgets within the school, the latter in consultation with the head or senior academic staff.
  2. Monitoring income and expenditure in relation to budget and presenting regular management reports to the governing body.
  3. Keeping the accounts of the school and preparing Statements of Financial Activity and balance sheet
  4. Conduct Annual Audit of the school account and present Audited report to the stakeholders
  5. Maintaining cash flow projections for the current and future years.
  6. Advising on investments in consultation with the school’s brokers or investment managers.
  7. Preparing the students bills and collecting all fees and extras.
  8. Management of payroll and payment of all salaries and wages with regulations for benefits in kind.
  9. Administering pension schemes for teaching and non-teaching staff.
  10. Scrutinizing and passing for payment all invoices received in the school and organizing special appeals for capital projects or endowment funds.
  11. Preparing forecasts for the future financial performance of the school; usually over a period of five years.
  12. Preparing financial appraisals of the projects within the school.
  13. Advising on taxation matters generally, including covenants from subsidiary companies to the parent charity and, where appropriate, ensure compliance with regulations for VAT.
  14. Advising on scholarship and bursary funds and undertaking assessments of parents’ income and assets prior to making bursary awards.


Skills & Qualifications

  • A qualified accountant with a minimum of 3 years experience,
  • Bachelor’s Degree,
  • Strong financial accounting skills,
  • Able to manage large budgets efficiently,
  • Ability to manage groups of staff,
  • Written and oral presentation skills,
  • Effective time management and organizational skills,
  • Strong leadership and planning skills


How to apply

Please submit your CV to or or click the fill the form below.